Live // Immersive Dome

Hierogamus 1953 / Immersive Dome

Live / August 2019

Mettapana A/V // Escenas Demo

Diciembre 2018 / Enero 2019

Mettapana // Junio 2019


Entrevista Sol Nazzar

Enero 2019 // Immersive Dome

Mettana A/V + Natya Yuj (Promo)

Mettana A/V + Natya Yuj // Immersive Dome

Mettapana A/V TEASER

Marzo 2018, Santa Lucía, Honduras.

Mettapana A/V // Nómada // DEMO

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METTAPANA A/V is a project that unites visual arts with digital interactive art. Where sound design, musical arrangements and visual creations coexist in a dreamlike universe. Reactive visuals that respond to instruments in real time. The musician dialogues with the visuals and vice versa. The construction and deconstruction of the bandoneon sound. An instrument that is rarely addressed to this type of processing.
Macro and micronature. A research process that seems finished, but that is infinite. The contact with surrealism, human processes, meditation, yoga, theater, dance, cultural exchange and travel experiences have led Nicolás to the need to carry out this work, which is just beginning.
This project is born from the journey and multiplurarity of the artist. Family of designers and musicians, from an early age Nicolás draws in 3D with parametric programs for the industry. Today he creates and programs his own artistic visuals. 
This projects is part of the next Tour 2018 Jun / Jun / Aug / Sep (Central America // Europe).

Mettapana A/V Live

An infinitely sensitive sound and visual ecosystem. Create a noosphere in an invisible vacuum One foot in reality and another in dreams ... as if they were one.

Mettapana A / V is a real-time reactive audio installation. Using procedural programming tools.

Mettapana A/V Live

Fragment of the live installation.

Mettapana A/V ¨El sueño de la Mona Lisa¨

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Mettapana A/V ¨El sueño de la Mona Lisa¨
Trabajo en progreso que estará en exposición con música en vivo a cargo de Mettapana en la inauguración del Festival Surrealista Nómade en La Maison André Breton, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, Francia en Agosto 2018.

Obra ¨El sueño de la Mona Lisa¨. La obra retrata un posible universo de ensueños encarnado por la propia Mona Lisa donde la música y los visuales están íntimamente relacionados con obras surrealistas.

En este working progress; un recorrido desde uno de los sueños de la Mona Lisa, sobre Hierogamus(1953), óleo sobre lienzo de uno de los exponentes surrealistas mas importantes de la Argentina, Juan Andralis.

Mettapana music Live A/V & Natya Yuj video dance

Mettapana music Live A/V & Natya Yuj video dance ☯️🕉 #mettapana #livemusic #generativeart #reactivevisuals #natyayuj #realtime #dance #videopoesy #visuals #tour2018

Natya Yuj A/V

Video dance.

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